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Raw XML/Json Demo!

Here you are able to experiment with the output that is generated by the API. This is primarily for you to experiment with the different query strings and viewing the raw output generated. When building an application on different platforms and programming languages, there will be helper classes available to serialise these XML and JSON feeds into Objects native to your Programing Language. We will make available these helpers classes once they are thoroughly tested and ready.

Please refer to the Documentation for references on how to form the query string.


Results Returned will be shown here

Sample Queries

Here are some Sample queries you can try on the application above. Simply copy the URI string into the textbox, select your desired return format and click on the submit Button.

Select the Top 20 Results of the Dataset.http://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places
Select only the Company Name and Category Fields of the Top 20 Results in the Datasethttp://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$select=company_name,category
Select only the Company Name and Catefory Fields of the Top 10 Results in the Datasethttp://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$select=company_name,category&$top=10
Select the 21st to 30th Results of the Dataset (This is for implmenting paging)http://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$select=company_name,category&$top=10&$skip=20
Select the POIs whose category is 'Food'http://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$filter=category eq 'Food'
Select the POIs whose category is 'Services' and Building Name is 'Tampines 1'http://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$filter=(category eq 'Services') and building_name eq 'Tampines 1'
Select the POIs whose category is 'Food', Building Name is 'Tampines 1' and Sort by Descsending Order according to its 'sub_category'http://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$select=company_name,category,sub_category,building_name&$filter=(category eq 'food') and building_name eq 'Tampines 1'&$orderby=sub_category desc
Select the POIs whose company_name has the string 'starhub'http://api.projectnimbus.org/placesodataservice.svc/Places?$select=company_name&$filter=substringof('starhub', company_name)