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Welcome to places.sg for Developers!

What is places.sg?

places.sg is an initiative to build a unified database of the Places of Interests (POIs) (such as businesses and retail shops) in Singapore. The content of the database will be distributed free of charge via the places.sg API. Innovators and Developers would thus, be able to pull these data, such as business listing info, promotions, food menu, events and incorporate into their website or mobile phone application.
places.sg is a collaborative effort with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) under the Digital Concierge Programme and Microsoft Corporation under Project Nimbus and Project Dallas.

How does places.sg work?

places.sg works by providing free and easy access to directory listings of POIs for developers and innovators. These directory listing include information such as Operating hours, its Geolocation (latitude and longitude). The details of what information can be pulled from the database can be found here. Thus, anybody can query on information about a POI, or a list of POIs around a certain location.

Who does places.sg Benefit?

In short, Everybody. Developers get to build cool and creative applications and websites on top of these data. Developers can even monetize on these applications or websites that are built. Businesses get to increase their exposure to consumers by simply being in the directory listings. Business can even drive traffic to their shops by listing promotions and uploading photographs. Consumers thus will have much richer and easier access to information, promotions and events happing in Singapore.